【Oversea ONLY】POOL MASKMAN2 5 sheets (Water resistant transparent mask for swimming instructors)

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A water-resistant transparent mask for swimming instructors "Pool Mask Man2".
This product can prevent splash infection with a mask that cuts 100% of the splash that appears in the front.

Very sturdy and can be used repeatedly for over a year.
100% Made in Japan.

In Japan, 30,000 sheets are sold and used in 1500 pool facilities.
It is a standard measure against COVID-19 in Japan pools.

One set includes 5 sheets.
If you want 10 sheets, please enter "2" in the purchase field.

Check the product page for details.

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・It will be shipped within 2 weeks after payment is confirmed.
・Poster is not included. This product is a mask only.

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¥12,400 tax included

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